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The Wrong Move by Jennifer Savin

Updated: May 16, 2020

Published : 23rd April 2020

Publisher : Ebury Press

Format : Kindle, Paperback

Genre : Thriller



When Jessie moves into a flat-share at Maver Place, she’s finally found a decent place to live.

And when she’s befriended by fellow tenants Lauren and Sofie, she’s got great flatmates to share it with.

You think she’s safe. You think she can trust these people.

You’re wrong.

When you flat-share, how well do you really know the people that you're living with?


My Review

Thank you Penguin for this gifted copy, I savoured every page!

Jessie has recently got herself out of a bad relationship and has moved from her hometown too Brighton for a fresh start. Upon viewing a few potential room shares she is finally shown a room in a flat that is the best of a bad bunch so she decides to take it. This is where she meets Lauren, Sophie and Marcus her new roommates.

Everything seems to be falling into place, her flat mates are really friendly, apart from the oddball Marcus, she has a new job and a date with a hunky guy she recently met on Tinder thanks to Lauren and she has even rekindled her friendship with her old best friend Priya from when they lived back home.

Even though things are all going smoothly Jessie is still paranoid that her ex will find her and is still actively looking, this is fuelled by suspicious texts that she is receiving and the odd email that she can see is from him so she instantly deletes it.

Putting it down to paranoia Jessie goes on the date with Rob and things seem to be going well, he is charming, funny and the breath of fresh air that she needs but after they sleep together Rob disappears leaving Jessie with that same feeling of being used by men.

As her paranoia grows things start to become weird at the flat, quiet Sophie with her funky coloured hair and tattoos has started wearing the same clothes as her, talking like her and has also had her hair cut and coloured to match Jessies, Lauren who she thought she was becoming really close to also became clingy and when she tries to ask either of them what happened to the girl, Magda who rented the room she is now in neither of them will talk about it other then to say she ditched them with bills owing in the middle of the night. But on a night out at town Jessie bumps into Magda and soon realises she looks just like Lauren, as if that was not odd enough she panics when she hears Lauren is in the club and then tells Jessie to meet her next week at a cafe as all is not what it seems at the flat and that Jessie should really get out while she still can...

Why I Loved It

I really enjoyed the constant questions that this book made me ask with almost every chapter. I did not guess the end and actually was suspecting the wrong person for most of it which makes the book very cleverly written to throw you off the scent so completely.

If your after a gripping read that you constantly try and work out who the culprit is, or like me not quite sure wether there is actually a bad guy or is the main character just completely paranoid and making it all up around her, then this is the read for you.

Perfect for a long summer day.

Rating ★★★★☆


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Meet the author

Award-winning features writer at Cosmopolitan, the UK’s number one glossy magazine.

Also written for Women’s Health, The Times and The Independent, and appeared on media-based panels across the country.

Debut novel, The Wrong Move, a dark thriller set in a millennial flat share, is out June 2020 (published by Ebury).


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