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The Sound Of Her Voice by Nathan Blackwell ★★★★☆

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Published: 18th April 2019 Publisher: Orion Publishing

Format: Kindle, Paperback, Audio Genre: Crime Thriller

Detective Buchanan remembers every victim. But this one he can't forget.

The body of a woman has been found on a pristine New Zealand beach - over a decade after she was murdered.

Detective Matt Buchanan of the Auckland Police is certain it carries all the hallmarks of an unsolved crime he investigated 12 years ago: when Samantha Coates walked out one day and never came home.

Re-opening the case, Buchanan begins to piece the terrible crimes together, setting into motion a chain of events that will force him to the darkest corners of society - and back into his deepest obsession...


This is a gritty, intense crime thriller, certainly not for the faint hearted! extremely hard to read in some places but still had me page turning until the very end!

Expertedly written you can really tell that this is wrote by someone who has experienced a very dangerous intense life.. definitely the best crime book I have read in a while...

Matt Buchanan is a troubled detective.

Widowed and father to his only daughter Hailey, Matt is not only struggling with the lingering ever present grief from losing his wife but also he is held captive by his own feelings of failure at his inability to find a missing girl, 14 year old Samantha Coates who went missing in 1999.

Matt continues to meet with members of Samanthas family over the years, desperate to one day find out where she went and what happened to her.

As a new cop, Matt is traumatised when on a night shift they receive a call for help from fellow officers near by, he arrives on the scene where his police cadet friend, Gabby has been shot and is slowly but surely dying.

Matt stumbles across errors in cases that have come and gone through Orewa Police Station and many that were resolved were manipulated and coerced by an evil sadistic individual who produces drugs and is responsible for murder, rape and serial child sex abuse.

His fragile state is fractured further by the discovery of the body of a 9 year old girl on the beach, and it is the final straw when fellow cop Steve, and a terrified police informant Pete are both murdered at a meeting where Pete was trying to give them important information on a case. Matt is shot too, and although he physically recovers, he has had enough, it's all too much, he needs to be there for his daughter Hailey so he quits the police become a low paid plane instructor, but he is happy although haunted by his awful memories.

it isn't long before a young woman is found on the beach abandoned and left for dead, this lures Matt back to the police and back on the hunt for the dangerous killer.

Matts character is a kind troubled man, still grieving for his wife whist trying his hardest to raise his young daughter the right way, but at the same time he is mentally tortured and struggles with his fractured psyche.

Wronged by a legal system that frees rapists and a police system that does not give the dead a voice for justice.

Matt is thrown deeper into the dark underworld of crime, rape , murder and much more, what he sees he can not un see, but he will not stop until he has justice, for Samantha and for every other victim that is caught up intros horrific world.






Nathan Blackwell was raised on Auckland's North Shore and attended Westlake Boys' High School before commencing a ten-year career in the New Zealand Police.

Seven of those years were spent as a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Branch, where he was exposed to human nature at its strongest and bravest, but also at its most depraved and horrific. He investigated a wide range of cases including drug manufacture, child abuse, corruption, serious violence, rape and murder.

Because some of his work was conducted covertly, Nathan chooses to hide his true identity.







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All books that I have added all include a purchase link when clicked on.I hope you liked reading my review.



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