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The River Home by Hannah Richell ★★★★☆

Published : 19th March 2020

Publisher : Orion Publishing

Format : Kindle, Paperback

Genre : Contemporary Fiction


The river can take you home.

The river can take you under...

In their ramshackle Somerset home, its gardens running down to the river, the Sorrells have gathered for a last-minute wedding.

Lucy is desperate to reunite her fractured family. Eve is fighting to keep her perfect life together. Their mother, Kit, a famous author whose stories have run dry, still seethes with resentment towards her youngest child.

And Margot, who left home eight years ago under a black cloud, is forced to come face to face with her darkness...

As the family come together for a week of celebration and confrontation, their relationships are stretched to breaking point.

Can you ever heal the wounds of the past? Or will it always rise up to haunt you - like the echoes of a summer's night, like the relentless flow of a river...


My Review

Firstly thank you Orion for the opportunity to read this lovely heartwarming read.

I found myself completely wrapped up in this one, uplifted in some parts and saddened in others, this story opens with a text Margot Sorrell receives from her sister Lucy who she hasn't seen in ages simply saying 'please come home, I need you'.

Margot knows she has to go back home, she cannot ignore her sisters plea and despite the dread of returning to the family home, the tension with her parents and the dark secrets they linger their she knows ultimately she has no choice. Lucys surprise sudden up and coming wedding and the aching need to see her oldest sister Eve, Margot heads home.

Windfalls lies alongside a river, a river that the three girls spent the childhoods growing up around and when the girls are back together under the same roof its clear that the same old tensions and unresolved anger is still they're simmering, but this time there is something more sinister that will test the family and make them realise that life is to short for bitter quarrels, hate and regret.

I loved how this story was so entwined in family love and the problems that when faced head on only a strong loving family can overcome.

I did not have any one particular favourite character, all three women are strong in their own ways and are all going through their own troubles with marriage and life but the touching way they all come together really swelled my heart.

Beautifully written, This book played completely on my emotions and strummed the heart strings, I highly recommend this touching read to be added to your tbr.


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Meet the author

Hannah Richell was born in Kent, England and spent her childhood years in Buckinghamshire and Canada.

After graduating from the University of Nottingham in 1998 she worked in book publishing and film.

Hannah began to write while pregnant with her first child.


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