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The Other Mrs by Mary Kubica ★★★★★

Published : 5th March 2020

Publisher : HQ

Format : Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Genre : Thriller



When Sadie moves with her husband Will and their two children to a tiny coastal town, it’s a fresh start. Will swears the affair he was having back in the city is over and Sadie believes him.

But their new beginning is tainted when a local woman is murdered, leaving Sadie convinced there’s a killer in their midst.

Hot-headed, beautiful Camille is obsessively in love with Will. She’s even prepared to follow him thousands of miles to stake out his new home in secret – and in doing so, becomes the only witness to a brutal crime.

But who is Camille really, and what is her connection to the dead woman? And as the murder investigation deepens, whose secret will be revealed as the darkest of them all?


My Review

Firstly thank you very much HQ for this fantastic read that kept me gripped with every page turn...

This was such a clever story. Told from various perspectives, Sadie, the wife, Will the husband, Camille the mistress and Mouse, a six year old girl.

All are connected in someway and every chapter brings you closer to the fantastic explosion of when it all comes together and finally makes sense.

Even then just when you think you have worked it all out and you know whats going on you are hit with another curveball and are thrown again into another reality of whats actually happening.

Sadie is a polite, quiet and reserved woman, a doctor in a local surgery and married to Will, a professor.

Together they have two boys who they loves to bits. They have recently moved to Wills sisters home to look after her 16 year old daughter Isobel after her unfortunate suicide.

Its meant to be a fresh start, Will had an affair and they have decided to try again in a new home on a quiet island. But Isobel is not happy at all that they are there and it isn't long before there is trouble on their street, their next door neighbour is murdered and the culprit has not been found.

Sadie never met the lady next door so she is completely baffled as to why the old couple at the end of the road told the police that the day before the murder she was having a row with the victim and it ended up in a heated exchange and she walked away with a clump of the poor womans hair. Sadie denies this as it isn't true and she doesn't understand why they would day such thing.

Will is ever supporting, taking charge of the play dates with the youngest and trying his best to get them both back on an even keel.

Camille is the polar opposite to Sadie, strong willed, fearless and determined to get Will all to herself, regardless of what she has to do to get it.

Mouse is a little girl who lives with her dad, soon into the book dad brings home a woman who moves in and makes her self at home, as the book progresses you realise that when mouse's dad goes away on work trips her stepmum is not all she seems.

My favourite character out of all three had to be Mouse. At first she is a strong willed but respectful little girl who longs for it to go back to being just her and her dad, but the further into the book you get the more you read of the horrifying things that she has to go through.

I did not expect the ending at all, I thought I had guessed one aspect of it but there are a few twists and turns to keep you on your toes and those last few pages were fantastic, expertly written to keep you guessing at all times.

I highly recommend this read.


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Meet the author

Mary Kubica is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of many novels.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in History and American Literature.

Mary lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two children.

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