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| The Fugitive Colours

by Nancy Bilyeau

Published : 13th May 2022

Publisher : Luma Books

Format : Kindle, Audio, Hardback, Paperback

Genre : Historical Fiction

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As Genevieve Sturbridge struggles to keep her silk design business afloat, she must face the fact that London in 1764 is very much a man's world. Men control the arts and sciences, men control politics and law. And men definitely control women.

A Huguenot living in Spitalfields, Genevieve one day receives a surprise invitation from an important artist. Grasping at the promise of a better life, she dares to hope her luck is about to change and readies herself for an entry into the world of serious art.

She soon learns that for the portrait painters ruling over the wealthy in London society, fame and fortune are there for the taking.

But such high stakes spur rivalries that darken to sabotage and blackmail-and even murder. And watching from the shadows are ruthless spies who wish harm to all of England.

Genevieve begins to suspect that her own secret past, when she was caught up in conspiracy and betrayal, has more to do with her entrรฉe into London society than her talent. One wrong move could cost her not just her artistic dreams but the love of those she holds dear ... and even her life.

My Review

I absolutely loved this immersive and historical story set in Georgian England. The characters were brilliantly written and the entire story was hugely atmospheric. I love reading about the Huguenot times and loved our main protagonist Genevieve.

Especially her two studio employees, both highly likeable, Jean and Caroline who are like oil and water and fight constantly.

While there was clearly a lot of historical content throughout I really felt the author draws you in so immensely to her story that you feel it could have all actually happened and was more factual than fiction. How you looked dominated the value of life and that no one can be taken at face value or trusted straight away. Genevieve has to learn this and balance it in her daily life. She receives a surprise invitation from an influential artist and hoping this might be the key to a better life, she happily accepts. But what Genevieve doesn't realise is that this will be the first step in a dangerous and clever story of greed, jealousy and blackmail. Everything, their lives, and their shop could all be taken away with one wrong word.

I found this story gripping and unputdownable, compelled to reach the end to know the outcome of the characters that I was fully invested in.

Not many stories are set within this era so I always find them such a pleasure to read, I got lots of Kate Mosse vibes with her Huguenot series.

This is the second book in this series, the first is The Blue.

Thank you @instabooktours @lumebooks for this beautiful copy.

Q. If you lived in turbulent times, would you shy away and be safe or dare to stand out and live a full life?




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I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?


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