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The First Time I Saw You by Emma Cooper ★★★★★

Published : 9th January 2020

Publisher : Headline

Format : Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Genre : Contemporary Fiction/Romance


Lost: Six-foot-two Irish man who answers to the name Samuel McLaughlin.

Has weak shins and enjoys show tunes. If found, please return to Sophie Williams.

Before Sophie met Samuel she saw the world in grey.

Before Samuel met Sophie, he never believed in love at first sight.

When they first meet, something tells them they are meant to be. But fate has other ideas. Now they have lost each other and can't see a way back. But they've already changed each other's lives in more ways than they ever expected...

My Review...

Happy Publication Day 🎉 and thank you @annecater14 @headlinebooks #randomthingstours for this great #blogtour spot! Well, where to start! This Is a brilliantly written story of love, loss and never giving up on what you truly want and believe is yours and that no matter what, family are always there to pick you up and stick you back together, unconditionally.

My heart was saddened and uplifted all the way through this book, This was my rollercoaster of emotions whilst reading this story...

  • At the end of chapter three I was completely taken by the book and knew I was hooked deep

  • Week six was gasping out loud, praying that what I thought might have happened, hadn't!

  • Week sixteen was a lump in the throat moment, Sophie finding underneath a broken, old fence panel the Alice in wonderland tea party, covered in moss, cutlery and china all frozen in time that her mum had set up for her the day she died was heartbreaking, to know that your mum was murdered over something as simple as no sugar available for a cup of tea was very sad to read.

  • Week twenty three, literally giggling to myself on the sofa, Samuels Irish parents, The McLaughlin's are hilariously funny!

  • End of week twenty four I have the biggest lump in my throat, the emotion and love between father and son really gets me and im wiping away tears, I find this relationship the most upsetting. Not because its sad but because its so endearing and heartfelt, nothing compares to a parents unconditional love for a child.

This book was SO good that I devoured it in one sitting, as you can see I laughed out loud, got a lump in my throat and shouted at the ceiling in frustration, much to the annoyance of my cats! I instantly fell in love with Samuel and Sophie ❤️ and especially there crazy families! Sophie, a successful business woman working in London doesn’t ever think she is going to find love, doesn’t even want it after closing up her heart and locking it away since her mum was murdered by her step dad when she was a child, but on a business trip to Washington Samuel, a talk handsome Irishman sees her just sitting alone, in the rain whilst everyone else is rushing around hiding under umbrellas and fate decides intervene! They spend a weekend together and Samuel pulls out all the romantic gestures he can in that short space of time as Sophie tells him she has never had anything romantic done for her and he is desperate to win her over.

Before she has to fly back to London and they both fall utterly in love.. but on her last night Sophie finds something out that makes her have no choice but to disappear, leaving Samuel heartbroken...

Finding out she Is pregnant, Sophie moves back to her old home, a cottage in Wales and begins to make a life for herself and for that of her unborn child.

Samuel ends up moving back to Ireland after a gas explosion has left him partially sighted and broken.

They spend the next four months and thirty five weeks trying to get back to each other but completely missing each other because of something or another...

I am a romantic at heart and strongly believe in fate, there is another half of everyone somewhere in the world waiting to be found, and this book screams that from the rooftops.

This is a must read and was my favourite book this year so far! I will definitely be looking out for her other book, The Story Of Us pictured below.

This would make an amazing movie! and one I would run to go and see 🎥


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Meet the author...

Hello all, I’m Emma Cooper, mad mother of four and full-time writer. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m 42 I live in Telford with my partner Russell and our four children whose ages range from twenty (sob!) to five.

Prior to being a writer, I worked as a teaching assistant in a local junior school for eleven years. It was a job that I loved and that fitted in with life as a mother, but this job that is as demanding as it wonderful (just look at the bags under the teaching assistant’s eyes next time you pick up the kids!) It’s a job born of love … I doubt any teaching assistant in this country would say they do it for the money!

Time was very limited, but I tentatively began to write The Songs of Us – an idea that was a culmination of my love of music, my family and my constant ability to embarrass myself and my children on a daily basis! I sometimes felt that there was no way I would ever finish it, but then a very close friend, who is an academic writer, told me she only wrote 500 words a day. It sounds like nothing, but when you work full-time and have a large family, I started to find that this was achievable and so I wrote 250 words in my lunch time, and the other 250 in the evening … I couldn’t believe how quickly these small sessions added up; at the end of the week I had a chapter and then as the months passed: a novel.

It took a lot of courage to begin submitting to literary agents and publishers; soon the rejections came flooding in – over thirty to be precise – until one day, an agent, Amanda Preston, emailed me to tell me she loved it and that I was ‘an incredible writer’. I remember these words because I re-read them over and over again … but this was only the beginning of what turned out to be an ‘incredible’ year.

Within two months, I had received a UK Publishing deal with Headline as well as pre-emptive offers from both Italian and German publishers. I was overwhelmed to then find out it was also in an auction between six publishers in France. My debut novel, The Songs of Us,  is currently being translated into seven different languages and I have also signed a further two-book deal for The First Time I Saw You (out now in eBook and audio, the paperback to follow in January) and I have just handed in my structural edits for book three, The Day my Life Began, which will be published with Headline Review in June 2020.


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The Songs Of Us

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I hope you enjoyed reading my review.

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