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The Boys Club by Erica Katz

Published : 6th August 2020

Publisher : Trapeze

Format : Kindle, Audio, Hardback, Paperback

Genre : Contemporary


They made the rules. She's going to break them.

When Alex Vogel gets a new job working at a corporate Manhattan law firm, she thinks all her dreams have come true. The pay checks are huge, the work is exciting, and the drinks are flowing every Friday night.

But underneath the glossy veneer of the company, dark secrets are lurking. Her colleagues disappear into the bathroom for hits of cocaine, the partners sleep under their desks (if they sleep at all) and the firm's biggest client sexually harasses a string of women, none of whom will speak up. Alex soon realises that in order to fit in, she needs to become one of the boys - and turn a blind eye to what goes on. She needs to join in. But as her life begins to spiral out of control, Alex realises - the boys' club is a dangerous place to be...

A brilliant, topical coming-of-age novel that gives a voice to women in the world of corporate law

Thank you Trapeze for this compelling hardback copy

My Review

"I'm not only self-depreciating. You were there because you're a woman. An attractive, well behaved, goody two shoes woman. You think they always invite first years to these dinners?"

The story follows Alex, a fresh out of Harvard law graduate, starting her career in an elite law firm, BigLaw in New York.

Alex is clever, chic and a savvy smart young woman but also has a compassionate side, she is adamant that she can make it with the big wigs in a high flying, demanding job as well as having time to still see her college sweetheart Sam.

It isn't long before Alex is seeing the darker side of BigLaw that doesn't and wouldn't happen during the day.

Colleagues are Sleeping in the office, abusing the company credit accounts and constantly taking drugs to keep them alert and on the ball, when they start to come down they take more to bring them back up again. It all starts to get a bit much for Alex and she starts to get stressed trying to keep up with it all, yet at the same time she loves the thrill of working hard to play hard and it isn't long before her hard work pays off and she is working alongside some of the top lawyers in the firm whilst holding her own.

But with this new lifestyle comes sacrifices at being at the top, she is forever battling with her conscience at the things she hears and see's as she knows deep down that she is a woman trying to play it with the big boys and in that world women are constantly being scrutinised and expected to go above and beyond what a man is expected to do.

Can Alex keep her head above the water enough to get on at the top, live with her decisions to ignore what goes on and keep her boyfriend all at the same time...

Why I Loved It

This was such a great read, I loved the main character, she is strong, confident and handles her own.

I definitely saw the MeToo movement reflected throughout the book and that leads you to thinking is there a reason for the pseudonym and everything that has been going on over the last couple of years? This book most definitely gets you thinking about various different things regarding women and men in our current world.

I also got hints of The Firm by Sydney Pollack except this was the other way round.

I highly recommend this read.

Compelling, thought provoking, sharp and gritty this is one of those books that you have to talk to your friends about.



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Meet the author

Erica Katz is the pseudonym for a graduate of Columbia Law School who began her career at a major Manhattan law firm.

A native of New Jersey, she now lives in New York City, where she’s employed at another large law firm.

The Boys’ Club is her first novel.

Claire's Recommended Reads

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Glorious Incorporated by Steven Neil Moore

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?

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