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Review | The Second Sight Of Zachery Cloudesley

by Sean Lusk

Published : 9th June 2022

Publisher : DoubleDay

Format : Kindle, Audio, Hardback, Paperback

Genre : Historical Fiction

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Zachary Cloudesley is gifted in a remarkable way. But not all gifts are a blessing...

Leadenhall Street, London, 1754.

Raised amongst the cogs and springs of his father's workshop, Zachary Cloudesley has grown up surrounded by strange and enchanting clockwork automata. He is a happy child, beloved by his father Abel and the workmen who help bring his father's creations to life.He is also the bearer of an extraordinary gift; at the touch of a hand, Zachary can see into the hearts and minds of the people he meets.

But then a near-fatal accident will take Zachary away from the workshop and his family. His father will have to make a journey that he will never return from. And, years later, only Zachary can find out what happened.

A beautifully crafted historical mystery of love and hope, and the adventure of finding your place in the world.

My Review

This bookโ€™s genre is described as steampunk, historical fiction and itโ€™s my second one in this genre that Iโ€™m enjoying.

The opening chapter instantly pulls on your heartstrings as our main character Zachery is born but sadly loses his mother in the process. With a grief-stricken father who needs to keep his business afloat, Zachery is left in the capable hands of Mrs Morley, a wet nurse.

Mrs Morley and her daughter Leonora were two of my favourite characters throughout this entire book, often making me laugh out loud and leaving a smile on my face.

Zachery has a gift, he can see into the future. This magical element I found so engrossing, with the inventions he creates the author truly has built up a world in which I got lost.

All of the characters had a strong presence and each one stood out for reasons of their own but it was the eccentric plot and historical setting not only in England but also across Europe that is extremely rich in detail which leaves you not wanting to put this magical realist read down.

The love which flows between Zachery and his father Abel is clear and when his father is imprisoned it's Zachery that has to prove his innocence and set him free.

Why I Loved It

Iโ€™ve been lucky enough to read some lovely books lately and this one was just the magical, full of love and humour historical story I needed.

This is a fantastical magical debut with lovable characters and an atmospheric historical world you wonโ€™t want to leave.

Thank you @randomthingstours @doubledayukbooks for this amazing read โœจ

Q. Do you read historical fiction?




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I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?


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