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Ravishment by James Walker

Published : 30th May 2019

Publisher : The Conrad Press

Format : Kindle, Paperback

Genre : Historical Fiction

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A 17th-century whodunnit - It’s 1653 and Lady Jane Tremayne has inherited the estate of her late husband.

When a young woman is raped, as Lady of the Manor, Jane decides to investigate, assisted by her closest friend, Lady Olivia Courtney. Then the stakes are raised when the rapist strikes again.

More than just a whodunnit, this is an absorbing tale of a brave woman living in dangerous and unique times.

Thank you Anne Cater @RandomTTours and @ConradPress for this brilliant mystery read

My Review

This story is the first in a new series of historical mystery whodunnits set in the reign of Charles II 17th Century England. Lady Jane Tremayne is a widower who lives by herself with her staff maintaining the land to bring in an income. She ends up playing detective when a tenants daughter is raped out in the woods on her land, Lady Jayne is adamant that she wants to solve this mystery and leaves no stone unturned as she works her way through the clues and tries to identify who they mysterious culprit is.

The story is told from her point of view as if she is writing in a personal journal and she is very descriptive with her writing.

Also the chapter titles are all written in a beautiful cursive style handwriting, again giving you the personal diary entry feel.

Lady Jane is looked upon with suspicion by men which makes her life very difficult when she abandons her anonymity to help the women who have been attacked. Financially unstable herself and being a woman in an extremely male dominated world, she finds difficulty in acquiring help from the police who are meant to be investigating the crime.

Why I Loved It

I really liked the fast paced plot that was packed full of mystery and suspence.

Lady Jane is constantly putting herself in the path of danger by trying to do a mans job in a mans world in her quest for justice.

I love historical fiction but I do not always enjoy reading the old style of writing but this one gave me the sense of a lady speaking in the way they would have in the 17th century without making it harder to read.

If you love a good mystery and a strong female character then this one is definitely for you.



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Meet the author

Retired lawyer, and still active charity worker, living in Kent ,with a keen interest in 

European history, who's published six novels including Aliza, my love and Ravishment

My first book, Ellen’s Gold is a historical drama set in the early nineteenth century

This was followed by My Enemy, my love set in the First World War and I think he

Was George, a drama also set in that era. I then published Shamila, a story of 

forbidden love between a Moslem and a non-Moslem, set in the near future, before

in the last year publishing Ravishment, which is whodunnit, set in 17th century 

England. Finally, this was followed by Aliza, my love, which is set in Nazi Germany.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?

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