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| Now She Is Witch

by Kirsty Logan

Published : 12th January 2023

Publisher : Harvil Secker

Format : Kindle, Audio, Paperback, Hardback

Genre : Witchy Lit

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Lux has lost everything when Else finds her, alone in the woods. Her family, her lover, her home - all burned. The world is suspicious of women like her. But Lux is cunning; she knows how to exploit people's expectations, how to blend into the background. And she knows a lot about poisons.

Else has not found Lux by accident. She needs her help to seek revenge against the man who wronged her, and together they pursue him north. But on their hunt they will uncover dark secrets that entangle them with dangerous adversaries.

My Review

'Some of what they say about witches is true.
She dug her mother's grave in the poison garden so it would stay hidden...

Firstly, thank you @harvillsecker for sending me this stunning copy of #NowSheIsWitch โœจ


-If Iโ€™m going to be totally honest it took me a little while to settle into this story.

The polysyndeton prose in which it was written threw me off in the beginning and took me a chapter or two to overlook and settle into the story, which was totally a personal preference and I will add did not take away anything of the story's brilliance by my own personal struggle with the style in which it was written.

The story of these two young women was utterly enthralling. The author creates an atmosphere that just sizzles right off the page, whilst at the same time seething with a dark power of female anger and desire to get justice. Itโ€™s unsettling and compelling all at the same time.

I was extremely drawn in by both of the female characters and their journey to few themselves from the constraints of stigma and men.

The visual imagery is also astounding. Kirsty writes with such detail which allows us to perfectly see the rich, dense forests and wild rivers that run around her world. We are pulled into the raw brutality of the power in which women can hold but at the same time also their utter lack of power at the same time.

I love a witchy read and this genre - witchy lit - is becoming very popular, what this author has done is set the bar for books to come. Itโ€™s spellbinding folklore at its best with that feminist twist that tugs on your heartstrings.

My favourite part of this book aside from the story of these two girls was the chapters that reminded me of A Midsummers Night's Dream, which is one of my favourite Shakespeare plays, adding to the mysteriously magical vibes the book throws out at you.

Q| Have you ever struggled with prose?




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I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?


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