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My Husband

by Maud Ventura

Published : 27th July 2023

Publisher : HutchHeinemann

Format : Kindle, Audio, Paperback

Genre : Psychological Thriller

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From the outside, she has an enviable life: a successful career, stunning looks, a beautiful house in the suburbs, two healthy children, and most importantly, an ideal husband. After fifteen years together, she is still besotted with him. But she's never quite sure that her passion is reciprocated.

Determined to keep their relationship perfect, she meticulously prepares for every encounter they have, always taking care to make her actions seem effortless. She watches him attentively, charting every mistake and punishing him accordingly to help him improve. And she tests him - setting traps to make sure that he still loves her just as much as he did when they first met.

Until one day she realizes she may have gone too far . . .

My Review

'I started moving my husband's things because I missed him. I continued because he needed to be punished and because he deserved it.

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Firstly, let me say a huge thank you to @hutchheinemann for kindly sending me this copy ( loving the new proof design by the way )

Secondly, if you didnโ€™t have this book on your radar then please add it to your must read list.

Itโ€™s dark. Itโ€™s disturbing. Itโ€™s thought compelling and it really makes you wonder throughout which one ( Mr or Mrs ) is the toxic influence in the relationship.

I was gripped from the very first page. Instantly I was drawn into the middle of a marriage that is far from perfect. Told solely from the wifeโ€™s perspective we are taken through her thoughts and feelings regarding her husband.

Itโ€™s clear she is obsessed to the point of unhealthy. She will smile at her children and make small talk whilst secretly cursing them for robbing her of time with her husband. She keeps multiple notebooks categorising multi tasks; from what colour of the day is to how her husband will behave to the punishments she will give him secretly for the wrong doings he does.

I loved reading the inner workings of this womanโ€™s mind. She loves her husband so fiercely that it clouds all sensible judgment, unhappily so that she is convinced he will be snapped away in a heartbeat.

The entire aura of the book is that of the wifeโ€™s pure compelling obsession and the acts she goes through to punish her husband. I was gripped entirely.

My Husband is an exhilarating translation of the passion and dark secrets that simmer beneath a seemingly healthy marriage.

The last chapter was a surprise. It totally shocked me and left me with that gasping โ€˜what the hellโ€™ vibe!

My heart is so full of my love for my husband. Will it stop beating if it loses its object? Will it still function with no driving force, no purpose?

Another aspect I really liked was how we never find out his name. Itโ€™s hinted at in relation to other things/people but throughout he is always just my husband. I felt for him through most of the story, my brain conflicted whenever I would read a part that made me question his actions and wonder โ€˜is it really him?โ€™ But this all made sense in that last chapter.

A great, tense and gripping psychological thriller that blends healthy with full on unstable insanity.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?


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