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Maybe One Day by Debbie Johnson ★★★★☆

Published : 2nd April 2020

Publisher : Orion

Format : Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Genre : Contemporary Fiction


What if you had the chance to find a lost love?

Jess still thinks about the man who disappeared from her life seventeen years ago, and the tragedy that tore them apart.

So when she discovers a hidden box of letters in her mother's attic, Jess realises that the truth about why he walked away has been kept from her all this time.

Jess sets out to follow the faded postmarks across the country, determined that her journey will bring her closer to him. As each clue falls into place, Jess discovers new things about herself - and the man who once broke her heart. Maybe she can find him. Maybe their love story isn't over.

Maybe one day, they will be together again...


My Review

Thank you Orion and Alainna Hadjiigeorgiou for this lovely proof copy

This was a such an emotional read, the story opens on the day Jess says goodbye to her Mum. She goes back home to the house in which is littered with her mothers things, remotes stuck on the arm of the chair she eventually could not get up out of, a Zimmer frame by the stairs, but Jess walks straight past it all and heads for the lounge to try and adjust to the fact that she has just buried her own mother even if she was a shell of her former self towards the end after the strokes.

The funeral was a stiff upper lip affair, no one was crying, jess held it in, her small family are all so dysfunctional and they all part at the end, no wake.

Her cousin Michael follows her home, they are very close despite the fact that he is younger then her. He can be himself around Jess, flamboyant, obviously gay and a funny sense of humour, the polar opposite of which he has to be to his parents, the serious straight laced lawyer to be.

Michael insists they start clearing out the house with the help of a couple of pink gins, they head to the attic to make their way from top to bottom. In the loft, somewhere she was not allowed to go as a child as it was her mothers domain she finds behind some curtains a shoe box containing cards, letters and a whole box of words and love that proved one thing... that Joe Joe, the father of her daughter never left them and that worst still her parents had lied to her.

Jess's life is about to change as she goes on an adventure with her cousin Michael to discover what really happened in the past and to find out what really happened to the father of the daughter who died when she was only little and why he had left them.

Michael, Jess and Joes friend Belinda then find themselves travelling from the UK onwards, following his letters to find out what happened to him in his life and where he ended up.

Jess is a bit of a lost soul but with the help and push from her cousin Jess might just be able to find a life for herself again.

A story of true love, of soul shattering loss and a complete emotional rollercoaster. I loved every page of this book and found myself lost completely in Jess's life and willing it with every fibre that I had to end up the happy story I was hoping for.

Add this one to your TBR as its a great curl up in the sun and spend the entire day reading kind of read.


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Meet the author

Debbie Johnson is a award winning author who lives and works in Liverpool, where she divides her time between writing, caring for a small tribe of children and animals, and not doing the housework.

She writes feel good emotional women fiction, has sold more than 750,000 books worldwide. She is published in the USA, Canada,

Australia, India, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey and the Ukraine.

Her best sellers include The Comfort Food Cafe series, Cold Feet at Christmas and The A-Z of Everything.


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