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Like Mother like Daughter by Elle Croft

Published : 2020

Publisher : Orion

Format : Kindle, Audio, Paperback

Genre : Thriller


Kat's children are both smart and well-adjusted. On the outside.

Kat has always tried to treat Imogen and Jemima equally, but she struggles with one of her daughters more than the other.

Because Imogen's birth mother is a serial killer. And Imogen doesn't know.

They say you can't choose your family, but what if your family chooses you?

Faith. Courage. Love. What will they risk for freedom?

Thank you Orion for this brilliant read. Twisty, compelling and totally unputdownable.

My Review

This was such a great read. The story is told over a few different characters, all interlinked together through one person. Imogen

Imogen has never fitted in. At sixteen she is the eldest sister, yet she always feels stuck on the outside looking in. She doesn't look like her mum, dad or little sister and the lack of similarities is starting to really get her down. She also feels like her mum is constantly waiting for her to mess up. Lately she is constantly angry and irritated with everyone.

Kat and Dylan are great parents, they both provide what the other lack but Kat is constantly watching Imogen, waiting to see any tell tale warning signs that her blood may make her inherit. Kat and Dylan adopted Imogen at 11 months old. Her parents and herself as a babys start in life had both equally been awful so they both agreed to not tell her about her past, but Imogen is contacted by a stranger who encourages her to look a little closely at her family and suggests she take a DNA test. I could totally relate with Kat. I also would do exactly the same if I was in her position, the fear that she had every time she heard that her daughter had done something aggressive or unkind really came across as you read and totally engages you with the character.

Sally is Imogen's birth mother. She is stuck behind bars for the rest of her life without parole, the same as her husband for the way in which they treated their children that were alive and also for murdering children those that they had in the past. All of which are buried in the garden under pretty rose bushes. The nation hates her yet she still doesn't quite see what she did that was wrong, she thinks all she was doing was protecting her babies from harm from the outside world. From having a life she had had to endure.

Sallys character was brilliant. Creepy but brilliant. She is obviously mentally damaged from her childhood which is completely understandable but in that she doesn't see that what she is protecting her own kids from, she actually inflicts similar if not worse onto them herself.

I love how this one ended. I didn't expect that huge twist at the end, in fact I literally had no clue that it was going to end that way at all!

Extremely cleverly written and a very intense read. I HIGHLY recommend this one.

Why I Loved It

I love multi character stories. The way the story builds itself through the eyes of different perspectives is absolutely captivating to me and this one certainly did not disappoint.

Like I previously said, I had no clue that the story was going to end the way it did, that final twist was fantastic.

Packed full of suspense and a storyline that builds to a brilliant finale this is definitely a must have for your TBR.




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Meet the author

Elle Croft was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia and moved to the UK in 2010 after travelling around the world with her husband.

She works as a freelance social media specialist and also blogs about travel, food and life in London.

Her debut novel, The Guilty Wife, is a top 10 Kindle Bestseller.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?

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