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Eight Pieces Of Silva by Patrice Lawrence

Published : 6th August 2020

Publisher : Hatchette Children's Group

Format : Kindle, Audio, Paperback

Genre : Contemporary/YA


Becks is into girls but didn't come out because she was never in.

She lives with her mum, stepdad and eighteen-year-old Silva, her stepdad's daughter. Becks and Silva are opposites, but bond over their mutual obsession with K-pop.

When Becks' mum and stepdad go on honeymoon to Japan, Becks and Silva are left alone. Except, Silva disappears. Becks ventures into the forbidden territory of Silva's room and finds the first of eight clues that help her discover her sister's secret life.

Meanwhile, Silva is on a journey. A journey to make someone love her. He says he doesn't, but he's just joking. All she has to do is persuade him otherwise ...

From the multi award winning author of Orangeboy, Eight Pieces Of Silva by Patrice Lawrence is an addictive mystery that refuses to let you go long after you turn the final page.

My Review

This story is told over two different narratives, Becks and Silva.

Becks's mum married Silva's dad and the pair have gone off to Japan on their honeymoon leaving Silva in charge of her younger teenage sister Becks. The two girls get on ok but they are quite different. Becks is confident in her own skin, likes bold bright colours and is proud of her sexuality whilst Silva is quiet, reserved and spends a lot of time on her own. Silva lost her mum when she was younger so is also struggling with life without her mother.

When Becks arrives home she knocks on her bedroom door to check Silva is ok after waving off their parents but she doesn't get a response, annoyed Becks puts it down to her sulking in her room so doesn't disturb her but inwardly is hoping this isn't going to be how the next two weeks are going to play out. Silva promised she would take care of Becks and staying in her room with the hump is not exactly what she had in mind.

After a while she knocks again but there is still no reply so orders herself food and cancels her plans that evening to be home with her sister in case she needs her.

Becks soon realises that Silva is not actually home when she decides to open her door and check in on her, this is where the story really gets going because Becks then goes on a clue finding journey to find her sister led by clues that she finds in her room.

Silva is not in trouble in the conventional sense but she does need Becks help to find her and bring her home, she just doesn't realise it.

The first clue that Becks comes across is under Silva's bed, its a bag of receipts that are all things that Silva did not really need to buy and on the back is a handwritten message "you are so beautiful"

Becks also has her own drama to deal with at the same time, she is realising that her best friend has not been truthful with her and that the girl she has a massive crush on might just like her back.

Becks follow's Silva's steps through the clues of her secret life that she unwittingly has left behind giving Becks a mystery to solve and one that she hopes will bring her sister back home.

This is a story about two girls having the confidence to ask for what you want and to take those risks even though you might not actually get it and also learning the hard way that just because you have something it does not necessarily mean you should keep it and that it is good for you.

Why I Loved It

I loved the way the story would go from Becks to Silva, at first you have no clue as to why Silva has disappeared but every other chapter you read is from Silva's perspective and she is telling Becks that she is sorry and explaining her story from the beginning as to why she had to leave.

I have not read many YA books but this one totally drew me in and allowed me to live through the eyes of a teenager and all the angst that comes along with that time of life.

It made me remember how all the little things when I was younger seemed so big at the time but in retrospect as an adult seem quite small.




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Meet the author

Patrice Lawrence is a Brighton-born author who now spends her time tutting at the growing army of coffee shops in east London. She has a MA (Distinction) in Writing for Film and TV.

She also has no shame and has written across all genres from short stories in teen romance magazines to chapters in undergraduate social policy books.  Her foray into educational publishing produced ‘Granny Ting Ting’ and ‘Wild Paper Woods’ (A & C Black and Pearsons respectively).  

Adult short stories have popped up in anthologies published by Hamish Hamilton and Peepal Tree Press.

‘Orangeboy’, Patrice’s first full length novel for young adults was published in June 2016.  It would never have reached the editor’s Kindle without the support of her writing group. Patrice also reviews books for Letterbox Library, the ethical children’s booksellers and has previously reviewed non-fiction academic books for relevant publications.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review, if you have read this book why not drop me a line telling me your thoughts?

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