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A Life Of Their Own by Pauline Tait

Published : 16th September 2019

Publisher : Silverwood books

Format : Kindle, Paperback

Genre : Contemporary Fiction


When Kate and her children step onto a bus early one Tuesday morning, she knows this is their only chance: their only chance at freedom and at a life of their own. But can she ensure their safety? Can she ensure they will never be found?

This feeling haunts Kate as she and her children begin a new life far from New York, far from their troubled past.

Little does she know that their new life will bring her closer to a different past, a life she had long given up, making her already fragile world more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

My Review

This story is told from a mothers narrative, running for freedom with her two young children from her abusive husband who controls literally every move that she and her kids make.

It starts out with Kate heading to the bus station with Lucy and Jake with literally all they could carry in the children's back packs.

They were meant to be on the morning school run, one of the few outside trips that the three of them are permitted to take but today is different, because Kate has taken this opportunity to put her plan in to action and get as far away from Adam as she physically can before he has any idea they have gone. The only detour is to mail a letter to a best friend she has not been allowed to see for the last four years, but knows what is going on in Kates life.

Many bus changes and hours later they arrive in Colorado and head to the bed and breakfast that she booked on the bus ride over.

The owners, Mr and Mrs Jamieson are really friendly, Mrs Jamieson guesses by the clothes and lack of luggage that they are running from something so she tries her best to help Kate feel at ease.

Colorado is a fresh start for the three of them and it isn't long before Kate bumps into an old boyfriend who she thought of as "the one who got away" Matthew still holds a torch for Kate and gradually shows her that not all men are the same and that second chances do actually happen. But Adam doesn't give up so easily and soon tracks her down.

Why I Loved It

This was a romance story at its heart but also a story about a mother putting her love for her children above all else. Even if that meant risking her life.

I found this one a bit slow paced for me and would have liked to have had the plot keeping me on my toes a little more but overall it was a pleasantly light short read.




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Meet the author

Pauline Tait is a multi genre author, writing children’s picture books and fiction novels for adults. Here you can keep up to date with my latest news and future projects.

As a Scottish author living and writing in Perthshire, I’m currently working on the production of the final picture book in The Fairy in the Kettle series.  Having received 4 & 5 Star reviews and having been praised for promoting kindness, thoughtfulness and being true to yourself, this series has been a pleasure to write and the little fairy fans I have met along the way at bookshops and events have made writing the series all the more worthwhile. Debbie Bellaby Illustration is currently bringing this story to life through her amazing artwork.

Recently, however, I have also been writing adult fiction and my novel, A Life of Their Own, came out in September 2019.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this review.

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